Carrefour was founded in 1959 in France, where its first hypermarket was opened in 1963. As the leading retail group in the world, Carrefour is the largest hypermarket enterprise in France, other European countries and Taiwan.

Carrefour’s famous and eye-catching red-blue-white business logo looks simple, but it is also pretty meaningful. It contains the business vision of Carrefour and its commitments to consumers since founding. The logo first appeared in 1966. The idea behind the design comes from the initial “C” of the name Carrefour. A blue arrow extends to the right of the “C”, and a red arrow exists to the left of the “C”. This symbolizes that customers keep coming to Carrefour from every corner. The word “Carrefour” on the side is the French name of the mother company of the Carrefour Group. This word is translated to “家樂福” in Taiwan, meaning “Every Family is Joyful and Happy” in line with the operating philosophy of Carrefour.


Carrefour has opened more than 100 stores across Taiwan in multiple forms, including hypermarkets, supermarkets and online shops. Anyone who thinks globally, possesses intrapreneurship and is ambitious and active is welcome to join us!