Jeans, taking its origin from South America, has a long history. It is popular among people of all walks of life and has become fashionable since the beginning of its production. There never had such kind of apparel like Jeans being a preference for all ages of people in our mind. 

Thanks to the application of zippers, Jeans is more convenient and practical to wear. 

Zippers for jeans made in YCC are safe, durable and stylish. Its solid brass slider will satisfy all your demands.

Jeans are one of the most popular pieces of clothing worldwide and the zipper is a key component. YCC’s Jean Zippers are durable, stylish and ultimately suitable for production thanks to the solid brass slider.


Remarks:Usually, before completion of its production, jeans have to go through washes like stone wash or bleach wash, during which chemical reagents would react with metal parts to cause metal oxidization and stone scratch would bring damage. Therefore, metal zippers should be protected before washing.